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What our experience means for you

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Insurance Coverage

The lawyers of Winner & Booze have a breadth of experience advising insurers and policyholders on the interpretation of insurance agreements and in the litigation of contested coverage matters

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Insurance Bad Faith

Allegations of insurance bad faith present complicated challenges for insurers and insured clients. Our knowledge of insurance defense and insurance coverage intersect in the field of bad faith law, and we bring additional expertise and experience to help insurers and insureds navigate these complex, high-risk situations.

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Trial Practice: Courtoom

Our reputation was earned in the courtroom.  Our lawyers are frequently asked to take over difficult cases from other law firms as trial approaches.  Our lawyers have beened honered with embership in ABOTA.

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Automobile Accidents

Defending automobile accident claims is the core of our practice. Our lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with both established and developing Nevada laws in the field. We are familiar with and employ cutting edge litigation practices and strategies. Our lawyers have decades of experience litigating automobile accident claims in state and federal courts.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases involve legal and practical difficulties not seen in other types of personal injury cases. We handle wrongful death claims with the knowledge, skill, sensitivity and respect that these cases require.

Shake on It

Mediation & Arbitration

Our experienced litigators are skilled at finding successful solutions to cases through arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences. Some of our partners are trained to lead alternative dispute resolution conferences and have served as arbitrators in the court-sponsored arbitration program.

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Personal Injury Law

Our litigators handle personal injury cases, large and small, every day.  We litigate with knowledge, skill, and professionalism to obtain optimal outcomes for our clients.  Contact us to see how we can help you.

Airplane Engine

Aviation Law

Our firms representation of clients involved in aviation accidents, has successfully represented aircraft owners, pilots and aviation business in all segments of the industry, including maintenance, overhaul, certification and compliance.  Our clientele also includes pilots facing suspension and revocation by the FAA.


Commercial Litigation

Our experienced attorneys litigate business disputes of all types, including breach of contract actions, partnership and shareholder disputes, and other types of commercial litigation.

Construction workers on work site

Construction Law

Construction companies face a special set of risks and challenges. We provide a full set of services to clients in the construction industry, including business organization and planning, business litigation, and liability defense.

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General Liability

We defend all types of liability claims on behalf of our clients.  Our experience and expertise defending liability claims go beyond auto accidents and premises liability.  Call us to discuss we can help protect your interests against all types of liability claims.

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Medical Malpractice

The firm’s approach to defending medical malpractice claims includes analyzing each case to see if the plaintiff has met the burden of proving negligence, medical mistakes or errors in treatment, unreasonable care and injury. Nevada, like many states, has ruled that capping damage award limits is unconstitutional, so the stakes are always high in terms of future and past medical expenses and non-economic damages.

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Premises Liability

The lawyers of Winner & Booze are skilled and experienced in defending all types of premises liability claims, whether large or small. We litigation experience and expertise to this filed to help our clients defend claims. Our experience enables us to help clients plan to avoid premises liability claims.

Insurance Agent

Trust & Estates

We have a team ready to provide a variety of trust and estate planning services, including helping you prepare your estate documents and litigating estate disputes.

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